Friday, July 31, 2009

Sneak peak!

Here's a little sneak peak of two new appliqued pinafore designs for Sunday's market. I only have two of each design, so get in quick!
Brown Owl

Apple of my eye

Fingers crossed for lovely weather on Sunday!

Mama Goose

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New sizes and prices

The last few weeks have just flown past, and I have been busy getting ready for the next Hall Market this Sunday 2 August.

As I mentioned before, I had lots of requests for pinafores in bigger sizes, so I now have sizes 3 and 4 in the Pink Pop and Red Paisley denim party dresses, as well as the Ladybird Parade appliqued dress.

As the bigger sizes use a lot more fabric, and take longer to sew, than the teeny tiny size 00's, I've introduced a new pricing structure for the pinafores:

sizes 00 and 0 - $35
sizes 1 and 2 - $40
sizes 3 and 4 - $45

I've also got a limited number of some new designs sitting on my sewing table ready for the finishing touches.... stay tuned for a sneek peak on the blog tomorrow!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flibbertigibbet joins Blogger

Flib, my partner-in-sewing, and the creative force behind Flibbertigibbet, has now launched her blog!

Please stop by ( and admire her gorgeous hairclips, as well as the bright and colourful bags her Mother-in-Law has made for our market stall.

At seven months, Miss Goosey is still quite lacking in the hair department. What she does have is fairly long, but nowhere near thick enough for clips yet. But I'm sure that by the time it is, she will have quite a collection of hair pretties to choose from.

Just to get her started, I couldn't resist these very cute ladybird button clips.... perfect to match Miss Goosey's "Labybird Parade" pinny.

Mama Goose

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our first market

Thanks to everyone to helped to make our first market day a success! We had a lovely day meeting people and chatting about our products. We got some great feedback, that we will use to refine our product range - I'll definitely be stocking size 3 and 4 for the next market, as I received many enquiries about larger sizes.

See you all next month - Sunday 2 August - at Hall Markets.

A very tired Mama Goose!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Market Day!!!

It's Market Day tomorrow - I hope it is not too cold and that the rain stays away!!!

Here are some pictures of my appliqued cord pinafores.

Ladybird Parade
Sienna's Garden

I only have a few of the Sienna's Garden pinny, as I have run out of the red fabric, so get in quick if you would like one - size 0 and 1 only!
Mama Goose

Friday, July 3, 2009

For the boys

Whenever I go to markets (or shops in general for that matter) I always fall in love with the gorgeous girls clothes I see. But I'm often disapointed by the lack of range of boys clothes. It's hard to find something a little 'different' for boys. So while I am loving sewing pretty things for little girls, I'm also trying to keep a balance in my range, and find some bright and funky fabrics for boys too.

Here are two boys sets. Pants are $18 each, and appliqued tops are $15. Or you can buy the matching set for $30.

Sock monkeys

Beep Beep

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The nitty gritty - prices and sizes

So far my range is available in sizes 00, 0, 1 and 2. I have plans for size 3 pants and pinafore, so can take orders for these, and anticipate having them in stock for the August Hall Markets. If there is enough interest in size 4, I will also do custom orders.

Products pictured in the posts below are priced as follows:

Denim pants (Elephants and Pink Scooters) - $25
Blue Scooter cords - $25
Chocolate Owl pants - $25

Demin pinafores (Pink Pop and Red Paisley) - $35

Also available (but not yet pictured on the blog) are:

Sock Monkey cords - $18
Beep Beep cords - $18

Sock Monkey appliqued long sleeved top - $15
Beep Beep appliqued long sleeved top - $15

Set of Sock monkey cords and top - $30
Set of Beep Beep cords and top - $30

Ladybird Parade appliqued pinafore - $35
Sienna's Garden appliqued pinafore - $35

Extra large muslin wraps - $15 each or 2 for $25

Cloth breastpads - $6 a pair or 4 pairs for $20

Keep an eye out for pictures of these products over the coming days.....

Mama Goose :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Party Dresses

These little demin pinafores are just perfect for winter birthday parties. They would look sweet worn with tights and a long sleeved top. I'm still deciding which one Miss Goosey needs in her wardrobe. Or perhaps she needs both?

They are currently available in sizes 00, 0, 1 and 2. I'll be adding a size 3 to my range in the next few weeks.