Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mathilda's Market

Flib (Flibbertigibbet) and I are very excited to be having a stall at the lovely Mathilda's Market in February. We had a great time at Mathilda's last year - so many gorgeous things to drool over (and while I tried hard to resist, a few things ended up coming home with me.... Miss Goosey will be one well dressed little lady).

This year, Mathilda's will be in a new venue - the Hyatt Hotel - a beautiful location to sell such beautiful handmade products.

We hope you can come along to visit us at Mathilda's.

Meanwhile, it is back to the sewing machine for me, to get ready for our first Hall Market of the year, on Sunday 7 February.

Mama Goose

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A special order

This little pinafore was special order to complete a set of three pinafores for triplet girls - each in a different colour cord, with a different applique. I bet they will look very sweet!

The last Hall market cleared me out of smaller sized pinafores, so stay tuned for some new designs over the next few weeks as I get ready for the next market on Sunday 7 February.

Mama Goose