Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of the line......

I made the decision some time ago, that I would slowly wind up Goosey Gander. I have had so much fun creating kids clothes, and have really enjoyed the experience of selling them at markets. When I started Goosey Gander I was on maternity leave, and running a hobby business was a wonderful creative outlet while home with two small children. Two years later, however, I'm back at work part-time, raising two growing kids, and trying to fit in their ever increasing extra-curicular activities.

I also miss sewing for my own kids. Goosey Gander was born out of my experimenting with designing clothes for Miss Goosey and The Gander. But somehow it has taken over, and despite having a cupboard full of fabric, and a head full of ideas, I was rarely sewing anything for my own children.

At the end of last year I made the decision to only sell at Handmade Market in 2011. I also decided that I would work through my cupboard of fabrics and sew up what I had left, but not purchase new fabric for Goosey Gander. When the fabric runs out, I'll stop doing markets, and wind Goosey Gander up for good.

So here are some of my 'end of line' products, for which I have now run out of fabric. Once these are sold, there will be no more.

The scooter pants have been a favourite since I started Goosey Gander. They are $29 and I have them in sizes 00, 0, 1 and 2.

A close up of the gorgeous scooter fabric:

The pocket on the back:

Only two pairs of 'Beep Beep' pants left, in sizes 00 and 2. These are made from a lovely soft cord and are $20
Guitar pants are also $20 - I have some made from a soft grey denim (pictured), and some from a black cord:

The demin ones have a blue pocket, and the cord ones have a green pocket

There are two Ollie Elephant pinafores left - size 1 and size 2 ($44)
From Russia with Love has been my most popular pinafore - I have sizes 00, 0 (both $39), 1 and 2 (both $44) And finally the Lollipop pinafore is available in sizes 0 ($39), 1 and 2 (both $44)

Bad blogger

I'm such a terrible blogger! I love reading other people's blogs, and have several blogs that I read every few days. I get so much inspiration from seeing what other people create. But when it comes to blogging myself, I never seem to find time to do it. Perhaps I need to do a little less reading, and a little more writting.....

I haven't been sewing as much as usual, since I decided to only do Handmade Markets this year. But I have still been working away steadily, and have a nice pile of pants and pinafores just waiting for the finishing touches before the next market.

Handmade Market will be on again at the Convention Centre on Saturday 11 June. It seems like such a long time since the last market, so I'm looking forward to this one! June can be a bit unpredictable in Canberra, so it will be nice to be tucked up inside all cozy and warm at this market.

You can check out some of the wonderful designers that will be at the June market on the Handmade website.

Mama Goose