Sunday, June 12, 2011

Handmade Market

What an amazing market! I don't think I've ever seen a market so busy! While Handmade never fails to draw a crowd, Saturday's market was bumper to bumper and an hour or two in there was barely room to move in the aisles. Some shoppers even arrived by the bus load (hi to the ladies from Gerrigong - such a beautiful part of the world!).

Flib and I had a wonderful day as usual, chatting to customers, and checking out the lovely wares surrounding us. Busy as it was we still managed to sample the cupcakes and pick up some lovely homemade goodies to take home with us. I can never go past the onion marmalade and the chilli tomato jam from the Linwood Cafe - perfect for jazzing up any meal.

Our lovely neighbour, Sal from Chloe and Viscount had the most gorgeous clutch purses, at very reasonable prices. My handbag is usually filled with kids drink bottles, wipes, and assorted toys, and I rarely go anywhere that requires anything fancier than an oversized nappy bag.... but I'm planning a kid-free week away in October (my first in five years!!!!), so I was pleased to hear that Sal will be back at the next Handmade Market, so I can buy one of her gorgeous purses.

Flib and I were far too busy to pull out the camera yesterday, but you can see some photos of the beautiful stalls on the Handmade Market blog.

The next Handmade Market will be held over two days on October 1 and 2.... just as well, as with Floriade also on, we might not have room for everyone on the one day!

Mama Goose