Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain, rain, go away

I have this little rhyme stuck in my head at the moment. Miss Goosey likes to sing it, but she doesn't quite remember all the words, so her version goes like this:

Rain, rain,
Go away
Come back

Handmade Markets are only a few days away now, and it has been raining fairly solidly since Sunday. I hope it stops in time for the market. I've just checked the Bureau of Meteorology website, and it's not filling me with confidence:

Forecast for Saturday - Cloudy. Scattered showers. Isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. Winds northeasterly and light.
But back to Miss Goosey. Her other favourite song of the moment is 'Happy Birthday'. We've had a few birthdays in our house in the last few weeks - first The Gander turned 4, and then Miss Goosey turned 2 yesterday. Several of The Gander's friends have also had birthdays, so it has been a month of celebration. Birthdays are such important milestones as we grow up - it's sad that they seem to lose the magic as we get older. I'm enjoying reliving the excitment through the kids eyes.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flib in the news

Check out this profile of my lovely friend Flib, of Flibbertigibbet, on the Shop Handmade blog. Flib's a little camera shy, so there's no photo of her, but you may spot a Goosey Gander outfit on Flib's gorgeous 'Little Possum'.

Flib and I are looking foward to Handmade Market in just over a week ...... eeek!

Flib has just returned from a beach holiday, but I wouldn't be surprised if she snuck a bit of handsewing into her luggage, to keep her busy while she was away.

I'd like to say that I've had a productive few weeks too. But unfortunately Miss Goosey, who is about to turn two, thinks she's now a grown up, and wants to stay up til 10pm with Mum and Dad every night. So I'm not getting as much sewing done as I'd like to. I did manage to find a bit of time this week to sew a special birthday dress for Miss Goosey. She and The Gander are having a little birthday bash tomorrow (he turned four last week, and she is two next week), so I'll take some pictures of it and pop them on the blog.

Mama Goose

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Old Favourites

I've had a busy week sewing up new designs for summer. I'll have some beautiful bright dresses, in blues, greens and pinks, ready for the Old Bus Depot Markets this weekend.

But as well as my new designs, I'll be stocking some old favourites from last summer. I changed my mind constantly on which fabrics I liked best, but I just can't go past this apples and pears print - it's retro cuteness at its best, and looks so sweet teamed with a red spot. Here is Miss Goosey in December last year. She has grown so much - I can't get over how short her hair was then!

And more apples - this red and pink apple dot is available in a limited number of tops and dresses. Perfect for parties, lazing around on hot summer days, or (according to Miss Goosey) playing in the garden.

Mama Goose