Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flib in the news

Check out this profile of my lovely friend Flib, of Flibbertigibbet, on the Shop Handmade blog. Flib's a little camera shy, so there's no photo of her, but you may spot a Goosey Gander outfit on Flib's gorgeous 'Little Possum'.

Flib and I are looking foward to Handmade Market in just over a week ...... eeek!

Flib has just returned from a beach holiday, but I wouldn't be surprised if she snuck a bit of handsewing into her luggage, to keep her busy while she was away.

I'd like to say that I've had a productive few weeks too. But unfortunately Miss Goosey, who is about to turn two, thinks she's now a grown up, and wants to stay up til 10pm with Mum and Dad every night. So I'm not getting as much sewing done as I'd like to. I did manage to find a bit of time this week to sew a special birthday dress for Miss Goosey. She and The Gander are having a little birthday bash tomorrow (he turned four last week, and she is two next week), so I'll take some pictures of it and pop them on the blog.

Mama Goose

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