Monday, August 10, 2009

August at Hall Markets

Flib and I had another lovely day at Hall Markets on the weekend.... although it was a tad chilly! We are looking forward to the weather (hopefully) warming up a bit in September.

We are also looking to expand our horizons, and perhaps try some other markets (as well as continuing to do Hall each month). Any suggestions for possible markets are welcome.

I've started work on my summer range. It feels a bit strange to be sewing up summery tops, skirts and shorts in this weather, but spring really is just around the corner. Miss Goosey and The Gander are both scoring well as I test my patterns out by making clothes for them.

I'll post some shots of my new fabrics over the coming days. But until then, for those of you who haven't yet visited us at Hall, here's a few pictures of the stall:

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  1. Your stall setup is beautiful! I really want to come and see you guys sometime!