Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My favourite things

These elephant pants (modelled here by The Gander) are one of my favourite pieces in my current range, as they are really the item that started Goosey Gander.

I started sewing when I was quite young - I think I was about eight when my mum first let me loose on her sewing machine to make dolls clothes. My interest in sewing waxed and waned through my teens and twenties. But it was reignited with the birth of Miss Goosey, when I discovered all the gorgeous handmade clothes I could buy for her. Upon discovering how much money I was spending on tiny little pink clothes, my husband encouraged me to try sewing my own, thinking that it would be a cheaper option. Little did he know that I would just start spending money on fabrics instead, and building a fabric stash that would soon take over several cupboards....

The elephant pants were one of the first things I made for The Gander, and he loves them as much as I do.
Mama Goose

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