Thursday, March 25, 2010


The Gander and Miss Goosey had a photo session with Tess Anthony Photography last week. They had a wonderful time running around on the lawns of the Australian National Botanic Gardens in the beautiful March weather, and although they didn't stay still for more than a nano-second, Tess managed to snap some gorgeous shots of them. I admired her patience - I generally give up after about five minutes!

Tess, being the young 20-something she is, suggested that it was time this 30-something got with the times and set up a Facebook page for Goosey Gander. So I did. Click below to check it out (or head over the Facebook and search for Goosey Gander):

I'll be putting pictures of new stock, listing special prices, and running the odd give-away, so become a fan to keep up with all the latest Goosey Gander information.
Mama Goose

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