Saturday, April 17, 2010


I was just a little bit excited to be heading out to have my first look at Shop Handmade this morning. Mr Hen Pecked even seemed to be looking forward to it. Although The Gander was somewhat disappointed to discover there would be no power tools and workmen there any more.

There are a lot of words I could use to describe Shop Handmade, but I think 'divine' sums it up best. I was expecting the Shop to look pretty schmick, but I was still overwhelmed by just how beautiful it was! The white fittings, furniture and display items give it a serene feel (well, that was until Miss Goosey started running riot and attempting to help herself to the 'pretties' in the jewellery cabinet). The feature wallpaper glammed things up a bit (and made me wish I had been brave enough to give it a go in our dining room). And the many, many products from the designers made it a treasure trove of handmade gorgeousness.

Of course, I couldn't visit without buying just one or two things. Miss Goosey did well as usual, with a cute little dress from Posie Patchwork. A lovely necklace from Rancho for a birthday present. And a treat from The Curious Chocolatier for Mr Hen Pecked and I to nibble on just as soon as I finish this blog post.......

If you haven't yet been to Shop Handmade, then there are plenty of photos for you to drool over on the Shop Handmade blog. And you can also check out the Posie Patchwork blog for some photos of Goosey Gander products in the Shop (see the photo fourth row down, on the left).

A huge congratulations to Rachel, Julie and the team - I hope you are proud of your efforts in creating such an amazing store.

Mama Goose

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